We believe in a future where artists can continue to make a living from doing what they love

We are a group artists and friends, who created Drawned with one goal in mind: to foster human creativity. What do we mean by that? We work together with other concept artists and illustrators to create high-quality apparel featuring unique hand-drawn designs. Being professional artists ourselves we understand that working for clients is rewarding and a goal for many. But there's just a unique joy in creating art that's truly personal. It's hard to put into words, but it feels like reconnecting with one’s inner child. Every artist dreams of making a living off their creations and having full creative freedom over the stories they’re trying to tell.

We founded Drawned to help artists achieve this dream, granting them complete freedom over their designs. When you buy and wear our designs, you're directly supporting the artist(s) behind them. We've implemented a special royalty system, where artists earn a share from each sale we make of their designs.

Art isn't just for walls. With Drawned, your favorite drawings, sketches and illustrations come alive on clothing, providing art enthusiasts a new way to showcase their appreciation and their love for drawing.

We believe that excellent art deserves a worthy canvas. That's why we uphold high standards for our apparel. Our t-shirts, hoodies and sweaters don't just look beautiful; they also feel amazing to wear. Plus, a good quality ensures a longer lifespan for the art print.

But we believe that we are actually building something much bigger here. The rise of artificial intelligence and AI art generators has been evident, and we've seen its profound impact on the market and on artists' spirits firsthand. Many artists are left anxious about their future, questioning their place in the industry in the years to come. It's disheartening to see both seasoned and aspiring artists grapple with the thought of potential joblessness.

Since we exclusively work with human artists, we set a leading example in the creative industry. We are committed to ensuring that artists can continue to make a living from their passion. We believe this commitment will inspire aspiring artists to embark on this exciting, endless journey, as there will be work opportunities for them in the future.

This brand is for everyone who loves art and those who cherish the endless cycle of learning how to draw or paint. If you align with our vision, let's make it a reality together.

Only the Best

We collaborate with concept artists and illustrators who have contributed to some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Our artists' clientele includes giants like Sony, Blizzard, Marvel, Netflix, Ubisoft, Capcom, and many more.

100% Cotton Tees

We believe that every exquisite piece of art deserves an equally high-quality canvas. Our shirts are crafted from pure, breathable cotton fibers, offering a soft touch against your skin. Experience the distinct comfort with every wear, as the fabric conforms to the contours of your body.

High-Quality Prints

By opting for screen printing as our primary technique, we ensure our art is represented in the highest print quality possible. With screen printing, the ink is absorbed deep into the fabric, ensuring the best in terms of quality, longevity, and durability.

Doing Our Part

Environmental responsibility is paramount to us, which is why most of our products are GOTS certified. This ensures that a majority of our products meet strict environmental and social standards, encompassing the judicious use of non-toxic chemicals, fair labor practices, and sustainable manufacturing processes.

Personally Packaged

We resonate with the thrill of promptly receiving your order. That's why we personally manage all orders from our home. Your purchase will be hand-packaged by us and dispatched the very next day after your order is placed.


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