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New Pre-order

Phonesick Oversized Tee

You can now pre-order the beautiful 'Phonesick' design, made by Cristina Cid Pagès.

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New Pre-order

Phonesick Hoodie

You can now pre-order the beautiful 'Phonesick' design, made by Cristina Cid Pagès.

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La Paloma - Sweater

Rembert's beautiful drawing is now available on our comfortable sweatshirt.

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I'm normally not that kind of guy who reaches out but I just felt the need to show you some appreciation.

I received my Order today and I'm in LOVE! The quality is amazing, as are the designs.

Never in my life could I have imagined that a clothing brand would make me this happy and seeing you guys actually care about everything that you stand for in today's world just warms my heart.

Antoine S.

Drawned is a must!

Drawned is an howesome brand where u can find many high quality clothes, with nices visuals drawned by competent artists. The packaging was perfect and the order arrived shortly so what could be better?

support human artist is just an awesome thing right now so go for it!

Cristophe T.

Supporting artists diff !

I am happy to wear clothes from a brand that support artists and diffuse their artworks. I feel like I am a part of a art community.


Love it!

I own the gray hoodie with the artwork of Ognjen Sporin and the quality is excellent, the print is amazing and the fit looks super nice.
I would alway recommend!

Because I won the hoodie, I had some contact with one of the employees.
It was a really really nice conversation and all my questions were answered very fast.

I would always recommend!

Clément T.

Super products!

I got my order quickly, nothing more to say except that it’s a good quality, I currently have a hoodie and a t-shirt and they fit perfectly (plus to having a beautiful design haha), I highly recommend !

Anthony D.

Great Sweater!

When I received my order I noticed the sweater was the incorrect size from what I had ordered. I reached out to the support about exchanging and they were very helpful. The process did take some time because I'm in the US and they are shipping from Europe, but I remained patient and received the correct size of the sweater I ordered. The material is great and it is super comfy. My favorite thing about these products are the small tag showing the artists name responsible for the work on the clothing.


Great Quality!

Love the quality of the t-shirt and hoodie. The quality remains great after having washed the clothes several times. Will definitely buy more clothes from Drawned!



It was my first order, which comes with a lovely drawing.
But even without that drawing I will be ordering my next peace of clothing as soon as I see a design I realy like.
On the first look the quality of my t-shirt seems to be very good.

Tim VG.

Drawned is looking good!

Drawned is a great clothing brand! Support artists and look good while doing it. Amazing designs from amazing artists!

We're setting an example

Our brand is committed to working exclusively with human artists. We deeply value human creativity, and by never using AI in our designs, we are setting a standard that places artists at the forefront. We believe that this is the right way to create anything in life, whether it be art, products, games, you name it.

We envision a future where other brands and companies will share the same values. By doing so, we not only support artists but also pave the way for future opportunities in learning, growth, and employment.